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Trends in Google Personalized Search

Google has released a new option for his Personalized Search. It consists on giving us some statistics about what we have searched in the personalizedly: the 10 top searches, the 10 "top sites" and the 10 "top clicks" and the monthly and daily search activity.

We could say that it is similar to Google Zeitgeist (which we will talk about another day), but based on your own searches

Needed: a Google Account. (Very easy to get, in fact. If you haven't one yet: what are you waiting for?!)

In favor: it's useful if you are at least as geek as me and you will be able to analyse your online behavior from a objective point of view.

Against: (not found yet)

From: Official Google Blog and Ondas, Cables, Luces, Cacharritos y Cachivaches

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